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21 Podcast Ideas & Topics Cheatsheet

Give your podcast content variety with these 21 Ideas & Topics.

Podcasting can add massive benefit to your business....

But you're here, so there's a good chance you understand that already. 

The opportunity for podcasting is growing with more people listening, learning and engaging with podcasts. The rise in listeners and popularity of the platforms over the last few years have created this demand for auditory content, and you might have already started on this journey. 

If you have, what you've probably come to realise is it's not as easy as first thought to prepare, record, produce, upload and share your podcast. That's where I come in. 

The most common things I hear when having conversations with fellow podcasters are:

  1. They love recording their shows and interviewing guests, but get lost on the technical editing side: Or,
  2. They want their podcast to sound professional, but don't have time to edit it properly; Or,
  3. Want to be the expert of their own show and be interviewed, but don't have anyone that can do this regularly or has the interviewing skills to ask the right questions.

Does any of this sound like you?

Introducing Podcast Hosting & Editing...

These are services to help make podcasting easy and achievable for you and your business. Whether you want to save time and take the post-production off your plate or have me (Ryan) step in to interview you on your own show, we can make podcasting easy for you at budget-friendly prices. 

Services include:

  • Podcast Setup
  • Episode Production (with episode cover and audiogram)
  • Episode Hosting (So you're the expert or your company has a regular voice)
  • Hosting & Production (All you do is show up and talk, Awesome!)

Let's break this down a bit. 

  • Podcast Setup (from $1,299 + GST)

You know you want a podcast, you can write and speak but the question you're probably asking yourself is, “where do I start?”. It can take time and knowledge to get your podcast up and running, which can often lead to it being put it in the ‘too hard basket'. By bringing in someone (like me!) to help you through the process and take the ‘tech stuff' off your hands, it can be up and running to take full advantage of what podcasting has to offer.  To get you started on the right foot, the setup packages include:

  • Intro & Outro Development
  • Show Synopsis Template
  • 30-minute one-to-one Strategy session
  • Graphic-designed show tile
  • Guidance and production for your show trailer
  • Develop your ideal listener avatar
  • Podcast hosting platform setup (Including Apple Podcasts, Spotify & Google)
  • Your first 30-minute episode produced and published
  • Episode Production (from $149 + GST)

If your podcast is already up and running (congratulations), you've been recording episodes and loving being behind the microphone, but not behind the computer editing, then passing on your episode production is the option you need. It takes time and skill to produce a podcast episode, even more so to do it well. Recording your episodes is fun, but making the time to do it in your schedule can be challenging, and the post-production adds to that. By eliminating the editing from your schedule means you save time, allowing you to focus on recording more and reduces the effect of ‘pod-fade' to keep your podcast consistent and engaging with your audience, not to mention, it sounds amazing, too. To produce your podcasts, we use industry standard software and include:

  • A professional produced podcast episode
  • Intro and outro added
  • 1 x 60-second ‘audiogram'
  • Social media episode cover image
  • Episode Hosting For Hire

So you're ready for a podcast, but you want to be the expert (because you are in your business, right?). Or, you want a podcast for your company but don't want to take your staff's time away from their regular day-to-day jobs. Podcasting is perfect to position you as a thought leader, trusted source and expert in your industry, but mainly as a guest. You could do solo episodes, but it can feel uncomfortable to just talk into the microphone with nobody on the other end, plus, it can feel like you're not giving the best information with this style. That's where hiring a host is a solution for your show. You can use my voice to guide the listeners, ask the right questions and help you get the best answers that connect with the audience and makes the most of your podcast. After-all, a podcast is a marketing channel that really engages listeners, so you want to make sure you're connected with them, the right way, to give yourself the best positioning. Once we've recorded the episode, you can take it from there, or check out the next option available. (Limited opportunities are available, please see this page to find out more: https://orionmedia.group/podcast-host/)

  • Hosting & Production 

Feel like a podcast sounds great right about now and want all the features and benefits without having to worry about hosting, tech-stuff or post-production? It's great fun being behind the microphone to record and share your message, knowledge and expertise with the world, and if you want to purely focus on that and your business, then this is your option. As the host of your show, I'll help guide you with the right questions, dive deeper when needed and be the connection between you and the audience. Then, take care of the post-production so your finished episode is ready to upload and share with your audience. This brings all the joy of podcasting without the time-consuming or overwhelming technical things that need to be done.

By taking the ‘stuff' you don't like off your plate, you can focus on what you enjoy and have FUN creating your podcast, because that's why you got into podcasting, so you can help people, enjoy it and grow your business, so give yourself the freedom to do so.

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