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Podcasting can be incredibly valuable to your business. It’s a marketing strategy that gives people the opportunity to connect with your business and brand in a very intimate way. 

It’s the new digital radio. Think about it. Why do people listen to radio stations? Because they connect with the message, personality and views of the station. They connect with the hosts, laugh at jokes and cry when the host cries. They’re an audience that trust and resonate with a brand. 

Now, more than ever, you can use this digital medium to build a connected audience of your own. Whether you want to sell more products, build your brand, grow a community or highlight your ability and members to be positioned as the expert, podcasting allows you to be the intimate voice that resonates through your listeners' home, car or headphones. These places where people listen to podcasts are usually reserved for close friends and family, and now you. 

If you want your podcast to stand out, it needs to be able to connect. If you’re the business owner starting up your show or looking to uplevel it, you understand this. It’s often the case that either yourself or a team member will step into the host role, but it doesn’t resonate because you’re great at what you do and have the ability to focus on that. Team members are great at their roles, however, to resonate with the audience you’re trying to reach, hiring a specialist professional host who has the ability to speak to the audience is essential to give you the best connection between audience and brand.

And that’s why I created this service, for Founders who understand the value of a podcast but don't have the time to make it work. Bring a trusted voice to your brand that connects with audiences and engages them with stories. By being a professional podcast host, I bring a collaborative approach to being the voice of your podcast to not just talk to people, but help get the best from your show that brings in new warm prospects, leads and customers who are wanting to buy from, and engage with, you.

To guide your episodes, I work with you using a model (pictured) that ensures your episodes are structured while still flowing as a conversation with depth the audience will enjoy. Through this process, you have a partner to ensure your podcast meets the goals and vision you set without wasting time and resources trying to figure it out.

Each episode is crafted to highlight the best value from yourself or the guest. I like to say that I don’t talk for 30-minutes, I enable other people to talk to their expertise for 30-minutes in a way that connects with your audience.

The reason I do this is because I have an obsession for great conversation that excites, educates and engages listeners with ideas they value. If you would like to see how we can bring a collaborative approach to building your podcast as an effective marketing strategy, book a call with the button below. 

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Steve Brossman

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"Enjoyable, Professional and Relaxed. That's not just the interview but the whole process. Ryan really has a system that others should model. I regularly get invited and featured on Podcasts around the world and I put working with Ryan as one of the best experiences. Ryan's relaxed nature actually belies the professionalism and attention to detail he put's in behind the scenes. Thanks Mate, it was fun."

Steve Brossman

Excellence Empire | www.stevebrossman.com

"I really enjoyed being a guest on Ryan's podcast. He has a way of making you feel comfortable before you even begin the interview. Even with having some prepared questions, the whole interview feels like a natural conversation. Ryan is extremely good at segueing from one question to another. Thank you for having me as a guest."

Kacie Brignell

KacieRoze | www.kacieroze.com

"Ryan is a fabulous "no-ego" host who makes it very easy to share ideas with listeners. The process both before and after the recording was efficient and thorough."

Jo McKee

McKee Creative | www.mckeecreative.store

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